Everyone wants whiter teeth! It’s always the one detail we so desperately want to correct.  In our office we provide take-home and in-office whitening. Take-home whitening involves taking an impression and making custom whitening trays to fit your teeth. You will use the whitening trays in conjunction with the bleach solution to make your teeth whiter. In-office whitening is a chair side procedure where we expose the teeth through a series of bleaching solutions combined with LED light to make your teeth whiter. No mater which whitening solution you use, the most common side effect is sensitivity. This is because the teeth are often desiccated of minerals and hydration during the bleaching process, thus causing it to be more porous and responsive to cold and air. Using anti-sensitive tooth paste and/or getting a fluoride treatment after your whitening will help reverse this sensitivity. It is recommended that you get an full dental exam prior to doing any whitening. There may be teeth with active decay or infection present that will become more aggravated when exposed to bleaching. If you are interested in our whitening, please schedule an appointment with us today


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