We are all our own worst critics. We often notice the smallest most insignificant imperfections about ourselves and are determined to change them despite what the people around us think. Sometimes those imperfections are more noticeable and often hold us back from becoming our true selves. We feel less confident, more insecure, less social, and more introverted because we don’t like they way our teeth look. Veneers are life changing for these situations. If diagnosed as a great candidate, veneers provide a phenomenal make over that is much faster than braces or extensive orthodontic work. The procedure for veneers is really similar to the technique discussed for crowns. The teeth are carefully shaped to receive a porcelain crown that will be permanently cemented on tooth. The porcelain is used to correct different features of the smile such as closing gaps, eliminating crowded teeth, increasing the whiteness of the teeth, and exposing more of the tooth. The procedure requires two visits. During the first visit, the teeth are prepared and temporized. The patient leaves the first appointment in temporaries that look very similar to the permanent restorations and gives them immediate gratification. About 4 weeks later, the second appointment transitions the patient out of the temporaries into the final restorations, which are amazingly beautiful! To see some of our featured cases click on the link “Fresh LOOKS” to see some of our amazing patient transformations.  Fresh By CanDDS is here to provide you with the smile your heart desires! Let us show you the power of a smile by calling and scheduling your veneer consult today!


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