Root Canals

Root Canals

Sometimes teeth will hurt really badly.  Other times the tooth will express hypersensitivity to pressure and/or to cold or hot temperature. This hypersensitivity is a direct indication that the tooth has a defect that is causing it to behave abnormally. The defect could be a large cavity that encroaches on the nerve of the tooth, a large cracked or broken tooth, or a previous history of trauma to the tooth with poor healing. When a tooth has symptoms such as throbbing pain, extreme hot and cold sensitivity, swelling, fever around the tooth and gums, and/or pus drainage, the tooth has a dental infection that needs to be resolved with urgency. One way to resolve these irreversible symptoms is to do a root canal. A root canal is just a fancy way of saying you need a filling on your root. The tooth has reached the point where bacteria has now invaded the nerve space of the tooth and attacked its vitality. During a root canal, the tooth is debribed of bacteria and inflamed nerve tissue, shaped to an appropriate size, and filled back in with sterile filling material. The final filling and build-up on the tooth will need to be restored with a crown. Depending on if the infection is acute or chronic and how much restorable tooth structure is left, the doctor will decide on the appropriate treatment regimen and if the tooth qualifies for root canal treatment. Please do not delay if you think you have a dental infection, schedule with our office today!


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