Partial Denture

Partial Denture

Partial dentures are removable appliances that are made to replace several missing teeth in an arch. Partial dentures are usually the more affordable alternative to purchasing a bridge or an implant. However, it is an option that brings insecurity because of the design and fit. Not everyone is a good candidate for a partial denture. In addition to your missing teeth, you would need to have some existing teeth still in good condition. Good condition means that the remaining teeth cannot be extremely mobile, severely decayed, or fractured. This is because the existing teeth help anchor and support the false teeth in the partial denture. It essentially snaps into the mouth, clasping onto the existing teeth. The procedure involved in making a partial requires the existing teeth to be fully restored. If the existing teeth need fillings or crowns, it must be completed prior to initiating the partial. Once the teeth are restored, we take an impression or molding of the teeth in each arch. We send the moldings to the lab to fabricate the design and framework of the partial denture. Before processing and finishing the partial denture, we will have the patient return to the office for a try-in visit about 3 weeks after the impressions were originally taken. At the try-in visit, the patient is able to see the design of the partial as well as evaluate the fit, the color, and the shape of the teeth. We use this appoint to explain all the unique features of the partial and allow the patient to get involved with the final outcome.  The patient does not get to take the partial home after the try-in. Once the try-in appointment is complete, we will send the partial denture back to the lab for processing and finishing. Once the lab returns the partial denture back to the office, we will schedule the patient for delivery. Minor adjustments will be made at the delivery appointment. The goal is to let the patient adapt to the partial. It is a very different experience and it’s important that we give our patients time to get used to their new appliance. If you think this is a great option for you, please make an appointment to get more information about partial dentures!


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