Many patients suffer from dental anxiety. Sometimes it is caused by a previously horrible experience and other times it is just simply fear of the unknown. Whatever the case, we want to help manage our patient’s dental treatments as best as possible. One solution to dental anxiety that we offer is nitrous oxide gas, aka “laughing gas.”  Nitrous is a gas inhaled through the nose that has euphoric effects on the body. It is widely used in dentistry because it is safe and effective. The patient is not put to sleep, but rather in a relaxed and calm state that allows them to also respond to any instructions or directions the dentist provides. This will be extremely difficult and ineffective for people who cannot breathe through their nose.  It is used in combination with local anesthesia to help the patient feel more comfortable during procedures. It is not used solo for pain management because it is not a profound analgesic. In addition, it is also recommended that the patient have nothing by mouth (NPO) prior to using the nitrous. This means no solid foods after 12 hrs prior to the procedure and only clear liquids 6 hrs prior to the procedure.  If you would like to have nitrous during your dental procedure, please let our staff know and we will be happy accommodate.


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