Implants are single tooth restorations for missing teeth. If you have a missing tooth and you are eager to restore the space, an implant may be the best option for you. During an implant procedure, the titanium implant is carefully placed at the appropriate length and width inside the bone ridge of the missing space. If the implant has good stability and is anchored well into the bone, the doctor will suture over the implant and allow it to carefully integrate itself into the space. During this integration period, the doctor is allowing time for you to grow an ample amount of dense strong bone around the implant. This bone is good for providing the best prognosis for the implant. If a crown is placed on the implant too soon and the patient is allowed to use the implant before it is carefully integrated, the implant will fail.  The doctor will determine the right time to move forward with restoring the implant with a crown. The decision is based off of many factors including but not limited to the patient’s medical history, hygiene, and healing. Once the implant has been approved for restoration, an impression of the implant is taken with a supported abutment and sent to the lab for fabrication of the crown. The patient will return in about 4 weeks (varies between cases) to have the crown permanently placed and the space completely restored. Despite an implant being a rather long process, the final results are ideal and provide great treatment options for patients seeking permanent results. Call us and schedule today to discuss if we can provide an implant for you!


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