Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures

The difference between regular dentures and immediate dentures is time and delivery. With regular dentures, all teeth are extracted and the extraction sites are healed before the denture impression is taken for fabrication. With Immediate dentures, an initial impression is taken over the existing teeth in the arch and the lab will used the molding to make the denture. This is where things get complicated. The lab takes the molding of the mouth with the existing teeth still present and carefully removes them from the stone case. They smooth the cast down to an approximation of how the mouth will look once the teeth have been extracted and the tissue is healed up.  Essentially, the lab is “guessing” how the patient will heal and making a denture to fit this “guess-timation”. Once the denture is returned to the office, the patient is informed that the denture is ready for delivery. They will be scheduled to extract the remaining teeth and deliver the denture the same day. Patients like this method because they don’t have to be “toothless” while waiting for their denture to be completed. However, the day the denture is delivered the patient is very sore and swollen from the extractions and it’s difficult to wear the denture over the wound sites. Once the patient starts to heal, the tissue will shrink causing the denture to become ill fitted and very loose.  The more teeth removed during surgery, the more likely the denture will not fit properly post operatively. This is because the tissue will heal completely different than what was carved on the cast. The only way to fix this issue is to allow the patient to completely heal (about 6-8 weeks) and either do a reline or make a new denture. A reline is when they add denture material to the loose areas of the denture to make it fit better. This reline does require leaving the denture with the dentist so that it can be sent to the lab for processing. The patient needs to be willing to go without their denture for 7-10 days while this is being completed. If we make a new denture, then we start the process for dentures all over again and the patient can use the immediate denture as a temporary denture in the meantime. We would not need to keep the immediate denture while making the new denture.  For more information, please schedule an appointment with our office if you are interested in immediate dentures!


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