If you have ever had a cavity, you may have been told that you needed a filling. Fillings are direct restorations on a tooth surface that has active decay (cavity). Bacteria in the mouth processing the sugar we get in our diets cause cavities. As the bacterium digests the sugar, they produce an acidic by-product that baths the teeth. In organic chemistry, we learn that acids dissolve inorganic things and enzymes dissolve organic things. Your teeth are made up of more than 90% inorganic components, which mean that acids will quickly cause problems for your teeth. Think about all the sugar and hidden sugar you ingest daily! Candy, chips, breads, snacks, soda, juice, energy drinks, coffee with cream and sugar, ect. Over exposure of these products and other processed foods plus inadequate dental hygiene equals the perfect scenario for a cavity. If the cavities are small, we directly restore each surface with a tooth colored filling. During the procedure, decay is carefully removed and the tooth is rinsed, cleaned, and primed. The filling material is directly bonded to the surface using a LED curing light. After the filling is placed, it is important that you maintain excellent hygiene in order to ensure you get the most longevity out of your filling. In some cases, fillings have to be replaced every 4 – 5 years. We do not perform amalgam or silver fillings at our office. However, if you have a silver filling that you would like to replace with a composite (tooth colored) filling, please call our office and book your appointment today!


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