Having a tooth pulled is an alternative to getting a root canal and an immediate resolution to severe dental pain. Sometimes the doctor will deem the tooth as non-restorable, meaning the tooth has a hopeless prognosis and no matter what we put on the tooth, it will eventually fail. In these cases, the tooth is extracted. If there is an active infection present on the tooth, the doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics first then have the patient return for treatment a few days later. The reason this protocol exists is because the infection creates an acidic environment around the tooth. Remember, the by-product of bacteria digesting sugar is acid. If these acidic by-products have accumulated over a long period of time they create pus drainage, sometimes recognized as a dental abscess. The tooth cannot effectively be extracted if the acid environment is present because it will not allow the anesthesia (numbing) to work. The anesthesia only works in neutral environments, which is what the antibiotics will restore if taken correctly. If you are in dental pain, do not delay your treatment options. Please schedule with our office today!


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