There are situations that occur that may warrant all remaining teeth to be extracted. These cases are most often seen with severe gum disease, severe bone loss, grossly infected teeth either from decay or gum disease, broken or fragmented teeth throughout the mouth, or isolated teeth that are not able to support a partial denture.  Keeping teeth in these conditions is not healthy for the patient orally or systemically. There are many reasons as to why the teeth end up this way, but regardless of the reason, the prognosis is still the same, hopeless. The ideal way to make dentures involves removing the remaining hopeless teeth and allowing the patient to heal for 6-8weeks before taking the first impression for the denture. During this time, the patient is toothless, so they will be on a soft food diet until the process is complete. Once the impressions are taken, we submit the moldings to the lab to fabricate the framework and return for a try-in visit with the patient. There will be two try-in visits, each 3 weeks apart: The first visit is to get the correct dimensions for the denture, we want to make sure the denture is not too big or too small; And the second visit is to check the teeth size and shape and confirm the bite. After both try-in visits are complete, the denture will be sent back to the lab for processing and finishing.  Once the denture is back in the office 3 weeks later, the patient will return for delivery. Minor adjustments will be made at the delivery appointment. However, we want the patient to adapt to the appliance before major adjustments are made. We expect the patient to do several follow-up visits to make more adjustments. 

Dentures have to be replaced every 4-5 years, due to progressive bone loss. When there are no teeth present in the bone, it will slowly shrink and resorb, causing the denture to become ill fitted overtime. Eventually the bone will resorb so much that the patient relies on denture adhesive for retention of the denture because there is no more bone for the denture hold on to.  Advanced technologies in dentistry now offer procedures for implant-supported dentures to encourage more bone retention and permanent stability for the patient. If you would like to discuss dentures, please contact our office for an appointment today!


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