In order to maintain optimal hygiene, it is recommended that you get your teeth cleaned every 6 months. In between cleanings we expect our patients to maintain good at-home care such as brushing 2 times per day, flossing daily, and wearing their suggested appliances.  If the teeth are not cleaned after 6 months, the plaque and tartar build up starts to stick to the teeth very tenaciously. It can and will begin to harden and form a calculus layer on the teeth that will make the tooth appear more yellow, irritate the gums and cause bleeding when brushing, and may even cause bad breath.  When the patient finally presents for their cleaning, if the build-up is mild then we will proceed with a normal recall cleaning. However, if the build-up is severe and the effects have manifested into gum disease, the patient will need a deep cleaning.  Schedule with our office today to find out your plaque build-up levels and get caught up with your cleanings!


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