A bridge is a permanently cemented fixture that is used to restore a missing tooth. Bridges are crowns at that are connected together and cemented into the mouth.  It requires that the teeth around the missing space be in excellent condition. They cannot be mobile or infected, because they will be used as supporting teeth for the bridge. During the procedure, the adjacent teeth around the space are prepped and shaped to receive porcelain crowns. An impression is taken of the prepared teeth around the space and sent to the lab. The lab will fabricate two crowns for the adjacent teeth and add a false tooth in the middle.  The entire framework is cast together and processed to make one solid piece. While the case is at the lab, the patient will wear a temporary bridge that we will provide. The temporary is important because it holds the exact position of the adjacent teeth to ensure that the permanent bridge fits. When the permanent bridge comes back from the lab, the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is cemented in place.

It is important after having a bridge placed that you maintain great hygiene and keep up with your recall visits. If you get a cavity or an infection on one or both of the supporting teeth, then you forfeit the entire bridge and risk having to get it replaced. They can also be very tricky to clean around because of the inability to floss through the connections. Food often gets trapped in and around these areas very frequently.  Bridges can vary in size and the number of teeth involved. In most cases, implants would be a better option for the patient because it doesn’t involve prepping on healthy teeth and gives a better hygiene outlook for the restoration. However, there are scenarios where a bridge could be justified. Bridges also take less time to complete than implants, which is also another attractive feature for bridges over implants. If you think you would like to consider getting a bridge, please schedule an appointment with our office today!


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