Bone Graft/Ridge Preservation

Bone Graft/Ridge Preservation

This procedure is performed in conjunction with a tooth extraction. Once a tooth is extracted, the empty socket will heal by regenerating new hard and soft tissue. Unfortunately, the space will also resorb and shrink, thus reducing the amount of bone that was once present before. The teeth communicate to the jaws and brain to preserve bone. Once the teeth are gone, the bone height in the jaws will continue to shrink and resorb over time. This makes replacing missing teeth in these areas very difficult. Without a prominent ridge, there is nothing for a denture to hold on to. Without sufficient bone, an implant cannot be successfully placed. In addition, the adjacent teeth around the collapsed or shrunken socket will begin to shift. This shifting is very unpredictable and can severely alter the patient’s smile, biting, hygiene, and facial profile. During a bone graft/ridge preservation procedure, the socket is carefully cleared of infection and tooth remnants and irrigated with saline water. Bone graft material is placed into the socket and closed with a suture. The bone graft material encourages the jaw and brain (similar to the tooth) to restore hard dense bone in the socket and reduce resorption of the ridge. In about 2-3 months, the patient will return for an evaluation by the doctor to prepare for implant placement. Timelines vary between each patient as well as scheduled follow up visits. The doctor will communicate directly with the patient the reason and details of their expected follow-up visits. If you have a tooth that needs to be extracted and you are considering an implant as a replacement, come visit our office so that we can discuss this treatment option for you!


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